Institute of Advanced Management & Technology (IAMTECH-SL)

 On behalf of the Institute’s Faculty and Staff, I wish to extend our heartiest and warmest greetings and welcome to our new students and contnuing students in our various campuses. As Principal, it is my duty to open all avenues of our Mission and Vision to you to achieve the essential purpose of tertiary education at IAMTECH. The wisdom in the old saying : “Give a man the fish and he eats a day, teach the man to fish and he eats a life time!”, governs our aim to higher educationto prepare our students so well that they will be able to serve their country andhumanity rather than become dependent on government for their human development.Readmore

Besides the Main Campus in Freetown, other campuses are located at ROKUPR, KAMBIA, KOIDU and BO. In 1997, we began to operate branches at Rokupr and Kambia town in 2000 in the Kambia District as a Vocational Training Centre. The Rokupr and Kambia branches are fee free Vocational Educational Centres (no fees paid). It is in furtherance of our aims and objectives to achieve basic education for the majority of the Sierra Leone population that we decided to motivate the war-torn Rokupr and Kambia rural population free education. The following courses are offered in the Centre – Agriculture, Tailoring & Designing, Gara Tie Dying and Soap making, Auto mechanics, Practical Arts, Welding & Joining, Business Studies, Carpentry and Computer Studies. The Makeni branch is operating on a distance learning basis.

The Bo branch has a campus at Abdul Nasser compound, Dr. Margai Street. It is training both Diploma and Higher National Diploma students in Distance and On-campus. Short Courses are also available.
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