Welcome to our new students and welcome back, returning students to the Institute of Advanced Management and Technology.  On behalf of the Principal, Dr. Abie Paula Kamara, the Faculty and Staff of IAMTECH, I extend warmest greetings to you. There has never been a better time to choose IAMTECH, and for our continuing students to remain with us and complete their various programmes of study. We are firmly on a journey to becoming a truly outstanding provider of education, training and skills which will transform the employment prospects for our learners. By virtue of our track         record,  IAMTECH is proud to be the beacon of progressive tertiary education this country aspires to run in the national interest.  Such aspiration is the cornerstone of our motto, which is “Country and Humanity”.


Professor Ezendu Ariwa
University of Bedfordshire, UK
Chair, IEEE Consumer Electronics & Broadcast Technology Chapter, UKRI
Chair, IEEE Technology Management Council Chapter, UKRI
President, IGIP - International Society for Engineering Education, UK Section
Welcoming our distinguished guest – Professor Ezendu Ariwa, a visiting Professor from the University of Bedfordshire, UK, who is a Chair of a number of IEEE(www.ieee.org) chapters with a proficient academic background on various technological related disciplines. His visit was also accompanied with his assistant – Ms. Koodichima Ibe, a fellow PhD. Researcher.They conducted the four days workshop on Cloud Computing and E-Learning in Higher Education, from February 4th, 2014. All the academic and administrative staff and a majority of the students from both Schools of Technology & Management were present for the days to follow.
The purposes of Prof. Ariwa's visit to IAMTECH/Saleone are: a) set up a Centre of Excellence in "Cloud Computing" at IAMTECH ( first of its kind in West Africa), Co-Directors are Prof. Ezendu Ariwa of Bedfordshire University, UK, and Prof. Patrick Unisa Taylor of IAMTECH, b) pledge a personal support grant of £50,000 over 10 years to the centre; c) donate reference and research books to cover Management Sciences and Technology;

To Popularise Cloud Computing by seminar, lectures and appearances on radio and SLBC.

The 1st day started with talks on Engineering Education and the management of information of the on-line library catalogue, through the link up with the Professor, a number of collaborations with works related to Cloud Computing, library management softwares and works on research development, followed by reactions and contributions from the academic staff and students.
The 2nd day started with the workshop on cloud computing, where Professor Ezendu and his assistant as a team held a spectacular workshop on the new technology on ‘cloud computing’, a new concept that has arrived in works in this part of the world, in Africa in particular. Many scenario based example from Industry related projects. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Executive – Prof. David M.S. Koroma paid a visit to give his contributions towards such a marvelous visit and commended the efforts of the Founding Chairperson Dr. Paul Kamara and Principal – Dr.(Mrs.) Paula Kamara in establishing such a collaboration.
The 3rd day included visits to the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation(SLBC) house, to the Ministry of Education Science & Technology (M.E.S.T.) and as well to to the University of Njalla, Bo.The 4th day show cased several e-learning based technologies that can be employed for Higher Educational Institutions, with special emphasis on IAMTECH. And concluded with the launching of the Center of Excellence, alongwith donations of numerous books and journals for various research, which was also aired by the SLBC.

The Gate way to IAMTECH is the Registrar Office

Let me end my speech with the words of ‘Martin Luther King’

‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moment of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy’.

I thank you all for listening and wish you all Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year and a 2014 AWOL second term winner.


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 Matirculants  Certificate Diploma and BSc  from various department  2013 academy year

maticulant two


Distance Education has legally entered into the lexicon of the Republic of   Sierra Leone and within the meaning of tertiary education in this country as Parliament enacted it in the education Act of 2004 that “Distance education” means a method of delivering education to students with minimum direct contact with teachers”.

“For Country For Humanity”

Jet Boat For the School of Mining and Petroleum Institute of Advanced Management and Technology School of Technology ICT Workshop Maintenance and Repairs Engineering Workshop
showing Latting Machine and other Tools
Engineering Workshop


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